UE5 Screen Space Particle Dissolve Niagara Effect inspired by Matrix Demo

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I reproduce `Agent Dissolve Effect` in UE5 Matrix Demo by my hand.

Particle spawns from the dissolving edge of a mesh but calculated in Screen Space, so the particles can be located much denser than using Spawn on Mesh Surface.

You can see how it looks like through my Twitter posts below.



Also, check out my article explaining the mechanism of this effect.
(※ I refined the data in this package after I wrote the article, so there is a little difference but It's more organized and easier to use.)


In this package, I put two samples for this screen space particle dissolve effect.

One is a static mesh cylinder dissolved with simple circle sprites, and the other is a skeletal mesh with walking animation and dissolved with cubes that can collide on the floor.

Both samples are made by Niagara System sharing the same Niagara Emitter. The main mechanism for spawning particles from the dissolving edge in screen space is totally same, which is processed by Niagara Module Script.

I include the dissolving material effect also as a sample. It's made of material function so you can easily use it to dissolve anything you want.

Here is the list of the data in this package:

//== Core Function for the effect ==//
・Niagara Module Script × 5
・Niagara Emitter × 1

//== For Sample ==//
・Level Sequencer × 1
・Map × 1
・Blue Print × 2
・Niagara System × 2
・Material × 3
・Material Instance × 4
・Material Function × 1
・Texture × 1
・Static Mesh × 2
・Skeletal Mesh × 1
・Skeleton × 1
・Animation × 1

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You'll get a zip file. Once you download it, just unzip it then you can find README.txt. Follow the step in the README to check this effect. If you have any trouble, feel free to contact me.

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UE5 Screen Space Particle Dissolve Niagara Effect inspired by Matrix Demo

0 ratings
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